This symposium organised by INOVEC 14 February 2023 and its partners aims to review the performances of new tools, technologies and strategies for the control of invasive vectors, identify gaps,and promote collaborative research and exchanges across sectors and disciplines. The symposium aims also to foster private-public partnership for creating novel – pathways forproduct development.

Program and Presentations :

– The WHO Global Vector Control responses for preventing vector-borne diseases: review of progress
– Insecticide resistance in major arbovirus vectors: status, challenges and prospects
– Portfolio of innovative vector control tools
– Contribution of social sciences in vector control

Vectopole Sud: A network of research infrastructures on emerging disease vectors and crop pests
– Défi Clé RIVOC: Infectious risks and vectors in Occitania
– Arbo-France: a French network for the study of human and animal arboviruses
– Initiatives from the WHO-Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR)
– The Worldwide Insecticide resistance Network (WIN) & the Research and InNOvation Partnership for enhancing the surveillance and control of mosquito VECtors of emerging arboviruses (INOVEC)

– Citizen sciences to investigate and control disease-carrying mosquitoes
– Review of Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) trials against Aedes mosquitoes

– Use of densovirus as potential biological control agents

– RNAi-based bioinsecticides for Aedes control
– Challenges and prospects for the use of synergistic agents in mosquito control

– Intelligent traps for real time surveillance of Aedes mosquitoesgainst Aedes mosquitoes

– New and repurposed insecticides for mosquito control
– Long lasting formulations of Ivermectine in the fight against vectors
– Intelligent incorporated treated fabrics for enhancing personal protection against mosquito bites

– The potential of drones for realising sterilised Aedes mosquitoes