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MIVEGEC’s mission

To employ integrative and transdisciplinary research to understand the mechanisms and genetic and non-genetic determinants behind the maintenance, amplification, and transmission of pathogenic agents in order to better comprehend the evolution of these infectious systems and to improve the ways in which we control them.


MIVEGEC brings together 123 tenured members – researchers, research professors, engineers, and technicians- from the IRD (Research Institute for Development), the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), and the University of Montpellier who work in Montpellier and around the world.



MIVEGEC collaborates with Laboratories of Excellence on various One Health-related scientific projects

Collaborative centres

MIVEGEC works with national reference centres and a network of scientific platforms.

International structures

MIVEGEC participates in scientific projects in partnership with various international structures.

  • CANECEV (Cancer Ecology & Evolution)
  • DRISA (Drug Resistance in South East Asia)
  • GRAVIR (Research Network for Arthropod Vectors in Central Africa)
  • IMPALA (Impact of the Fight Against Malaria in Cameroon)
  • LAMIVECT (International Joint Laboratory on Vector-Borne Diseases)
  • SENTINELA (International Joint Laboratory on Cross-Border Observatories of Environment, Climate, and Vector-Borne Diseases)
  • STIMULI (The Role of the Mosquito Bite on the Dynamics and Infectiousness to Mosquito of Asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum Carriers in Ghana)

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