GL (Logistics Group) / Quality

Within MIVEGEC, the GL (Logistics Group) ensures that technical platforms of the laboratory function properly, in terms of both material and human resources, in their interactions with the various laboratory bodies (CoDir [Management Committee], CU-CL [Unit Council & Laboratory Council], AP [Prevention Agents], etc.). The GL meets at least once a month to manage day-to-day business and deal with secific required actions. The GL can be reached at the following address:

The MIVEGEC JRU has been committed to a quality approach according to the ISO 9001 international standard for over 15 years. The unit is certified according to standard 9001:2015 for some of the activities carried out at the Vectopôle site, and for onboarding newcomers at the Occitania regional delegation site. Under the Quality section, you will find all the documents that describe how this approach is organised and that allow us to meet its requirements.

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