Onboarding doctoral stutent / intern


Before submitting your application, please contact us at accueil-mivegec@ird.fr, so that we can check whether it is physically possible for us to host you on the desired dates.

We would like to remind you that your supervisor must submit the completed application one month before your internship begins, to the following address: accueil-mivegec@ird.fr.
All BTS (Advanced Technician’s Certificate) and second-year Master’s degree interns must include the following on their internship agreement: “The intern is authorised to work remotely if the internship allows for it, at the following address: (postal address)”. This is mandatory in order to validate the agreement with our supervisory bodies.
Junior school job shadowing internships remain suspended until further notice.

Whenever possible, Julie Pla (MIVEGEC internship programme advisor) will provide newcomers with all the necessary scientific documents every Wednesday.
If this is not possible, she will email you the documents as well as the orientation guide available online at the link below:
Orientation guide button