Training and courses


Members of the MIVEGEC (all supervisory bodies and professions combined) are deeply involved in teaching programmes and their organisation (see figure).

With regards to formal education, we target students from various French structures (Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montpellier; French doctoral schools; medical specialisation diplomas), as well as foreign and international networks (ERASMUS Mundus Master’s degree programmes with Vietnam, France-Ivory Coast, and Europe).

Most of our programmes for second-year Master’s degree- and Doctorate-level students are also open as continuing education programmes. MIVEGEC’s other actions in service of the dissemination of science and continuing education are again aimed at various audiences (secondary school teachers in life and earth sciences; Master’s degree students, doctoral students, and researchers; infant, junior, and high school students; general public) and take on different forms (field placements and summer schools organised both in the North and in the South; MOOCs; educational and popular science books).

Click on the links below for details on MIVEGEC programmes under the LMD4 (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate) contract, running until August 2021.