Bioinformatic plateau

The bioinformatic plateau i-Trop – Plantes / Santé – provides resources for the following 4 research units and their partners in the South:

i trop16.png

This tray meets 3 computing needs for science: – High Performance Computing for data processing (bioinformatics, modeling) with a cluster of 26 computing nodes; – Computer applications for science (databases on clinical trials and studies on HIV and Ebola, databases on coffee, rice, insect collections, for the management of biological samples from laboratories, websites, etc.); – Training in bioinformatics and thematic schools in the South. Currently, this platform is managed and animated by a system administrator (Ndomassi TANDO), 5 bioinformaticians (Emmanuelle BEYNES, Aurore COMTE, Valérie NOEL, Julie ORJUELA and Christine TRANCHANT-DUBREUIL) and an engineer specialized in information systems for science (Bruno GRANOUILLAC). It hosts more than 150 bioinformatics tools and scientific applications for science. It is used by more than 150 scientists. More information on the website: Contact :

Members of the team: (holders and CDD-longs)