Jacques Mathieu dainat

Jacques Mathieu dainat


DS : Perturbations, Evolution, Virulence (PEV)
Equipe(s) :
Grade : IR2

Adresse email : jacques.dainat[at]ird.fr



Implantation :  IRD
Bureau : DR Occitanie
Appartenance : IRD




Thématique :

I studied Bioinformatics at the Science University of Montpellier (France), and obtained a Phd in Bioinformatics, Structural biochemistry and Genomics at the Marseille University (France). I worked during my PhD and my PostDoc on gene flows in evolution of Eukaryote (appearance and loss) using phylogenomics approaches. Then I joined National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS) providing bioinformatics support to life science researchers. My main topic was the assembly and annotation of genomes and transcriptomes. Part of my time was dedicated to develop tools and teach the users in order to propagate the bioinformatics knowledge. Afterwards I came back in France to do human epitranscriptomics in a private company. I finally joined IRD in order to share my skills in bioinformatics.

Expertises :

Bioinformatics; Programming (Perl; Python; R; Bash); Reproducible Research: Nextflow; Docker; Conda, Git, Continuous Integration; Data Submission (ENA); Genome and transcriptome assembly and annotation; Phylogeny; Machine learning; Evolutionary biology; comparative genomics;

Projets associés :

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