International structures


DS1 Studies of ecological and evolutionary processes in cancer; Carrier : Frédéric Thomas Funding : CNRS Thematic : Evolution and cancer Learn more


DS2 DRISA aims to study the mechanisms and factors that influence the emergence of antibiotic resistance in Southeast Asia and its impact in terms of public health.”; Leader: Anne-Laure Bañuls (EPATH) Participation Mallorie Hidé (EPATH ) Participation Baptiste Vergnes (EPATH) Participation Sylvain Godreuil (EPATH) Participation Dorothée Missé (EDIFICE) Participation Marc Choisy (PEV) Participation Ramsès Didjou-Demasse (PEV) Participation Samuel Alizon (PEV) Theme: Ecology and evolution of Antibiotic Resistance


DS3 Measurement of malaria control indicators in Cameroon, monitoring of resistance and evaluation of the effectiveness of new control tools Leader: Sandrine Nsango Funding: JEAI


DS3 LMI: Cross-border observatories for the environment, climate and vector-borne diseases Leader: C. BARCELLOS, H. GURGEL, E. ROUX Funding: IRD


DS1 Study in Yucatan, Haiti and Guatemala how the protection of biodiversity reduces the risk of zoonotic emergence Leader: Benjamin Roche Funding: IRD Theme: Biodiversity and health


DS3 The GDRI GRAVIR, coordinated by UMR MIVEGEC, aims to facilitate sub-regional scientific cooperation in the field of medical entomology. Leader: Christophe Paupy Funding: IRD Theme: Network


DS3 The Joint International Laboratory on Vector-borne Diseases (LAMIVECT). He is interested in vector-borne diseases that affect humans and their domestic animals in Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire Project leader: COURTIN F, DABIRE RK Funding: IRD/CIRA Learn more


DS3 The role of the mosquito bite on the dynamics and infectiousness-to-mosquito of asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum carriers in Ghana”;”Université du Ghana Porteur : Linda E. Amoah Financement : IRD