Carlo costantini

Carlo costantini


DS : Evolution des Systèmes Vectoriels (ESV)
Equipe(s) :
DEEVA (Diversity, Ecology, Evolution & Adaptation of arthropod vectors)
Grade : DR2

Adresse email : carlo.costantini[at]



Implantation :  IRD
Bureau : Bureau 126
Appartenance : IRD




Thématique :

My research interests revolve around the evolutionary and behavioural ecology of mosquitoes, with particular reference to anopheline malaria vectors. I have worked for many years in tropical Africa focussing on Anopheles gambiae, Anopheles funestus and their siblings. I use mosquitoes as a model system to understand fundamental evolutionary processes as speciation and adaptation in response to global environmental changes or local selective pressures like osmotic stress, xenobiotics, competition/predation, or insecticides. I am particularly interested in how populations and communities are structured and respond to urbanisation, deforestation and salinisation, and how these responses affect transmission. The ultimate aim of my research is to contribute to the development of more efficient strategies to monitor and control the diseases these vectors transmit to humans.

Expertises :

Expertise Vecteurs/ informatique pour la science