Michaël fontaine

Michaël fontaine


DS : Evolution des Systèmes Vectoriels (ESV)
Equipe(s) :
DEEVA (Diversity, Ecology, Evolution & Adaptation of arthropod vectors)
Grade : CRCN

Adresse email : michael.fontaine[at]ird.fr



Implantation :  CNRS
Bureau : Bureau 131
Appartenance : CNRS



Thématique :

Briefly, my research aims to better understand the processes of adaptation and speciation using population genetics and genomics. I use computational, statistical, and bioinformatic approaches and genomic data to test hypotheses about how natural populations and species evolve. I have been increasingly interested in malaria vector mosquitoes and the pathogens they are transmiting. I am looking into adaptation and speciation processes and the evolution of species complexes (e.g., An. gambiae, An. funestus) and Plasmodium parasaties, but I have a broad interest in ecology and evolution of various biological models (pathogens, insects, fishes, cetaceans, and birds).

Expertises :

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