Silvia perez carrillo

Silvia perez carrillo


DS : Evolution des Systèmes Vectoriels (ESV)
Equipe(s) :
(VCG) Vector Control Group
Grade : non précisé

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Implantation :  IRD
Bureau : Non précisé
Doctorant : Oui
Appartenance : IRD




Thématique :

Genetic, Parasitology and control vector borne diseases, with experience in pathogen plant interaction, Chagas disease vector and the quality control process of mass production of wild Aedes aegypti mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia. Molecular biology techniques such as DNA extraction, RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, PCR, clonation, DNA sequences analysis, electrophoresis in agarose gels and acrylamide, biochemical assays and real-time PCR.

Expertises :

Head of quality control for mass rearing Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes, in Laboratorio de control Biológico, Yucatán, México; Research assistant for the project" intervencio de comunidades del estado de Yucatán" and Genetica

Projets associés :

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