Louis Clément gouagna

Louis Clément gouagna


DS : Evolution des Systèmes Vectoriels (ESV)
Equipe(s) :
(VCG) Vector Control Group
Grade : CRCN

Adresse email : louis-clement.gouagna[at]ird.fr



Implantation :  IRD
Bureau : Bureau 128
Appartenance : IRD



Thématique :

My overall research interest is in the study of the biology, ecology and behavior of mosquito vectors of human diseases across spatial and temporal scales, with emphasis on critical biotic and abiotic factors that regulate their vectorial capacity. The results are used to foster the development of new vector control methods (including the Sterile Insect Technique - SIT). Whereas my earlier work in central (Cameroon), east (Kenya) and west (Burkina Faso) Africa focused on integrative entomological and parasitological studies of malaria transmission, and biologically relevant malaria transmission-blocking mechanisms, my current programs aim at assessing the entomological and technological feasibility of SIT against arbovirus vectors in different island contexts. I am, naturally, interested in expanding this work beyond the island settings.

Expertises :

Equipe Lutte antivectorielle/Caractérisation biologiques des vecteurs/Biologie, Ecologie, interactions, Comportement, physiologie /Responsable coordinateur Projets collaboratifs, expertise LAV par la TIS/Stratégies de Lutte anti-vectorielle/Technique insecte stérile