Ana rivero

Ana rivero


DS : Processus Ecologiques et Evolutifs au sein des Communautés (PEEC)
Equipe(s) :
EVCO (Evolution des communautés hôtes-microbes)
Grade : DR1

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Implantation :  CNRS
Bureau : Non précisé
Appartenance : CNRS




Thématique :

My work concerns the evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions using malaria as a model system. I'm particularly interested in exploring the genetic and environmental sources of heterogeneity in parasite burden, virulence and transmission rates. Malaria parasites are largely known for infecting humans, but they can also be found infecting hundreds of other terrestrial vertebrate species, including non-human primates, ungulates, bats, birds, lizards, snakes and rodents. A lot of my recent work has been carried out using avian malaria as a model system because it allows us to explore the ecology and evolution of the disease both in the laboratory and in the field. For more info on my current projects please check my CREES webpage (

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