Michelle evans

Michelle evans


DS : Processus Ecologiques et Evolutifs au sein des Communautés (PEEC)
Equipe(s) :
HEAT (Santé, Emergence, Adaptation et Transmission)
Grade : non précisé

Adresse email : mvevans89[at]gmail.com



Implantation :  IRD
Bureau : Non précisé
Appartenance : IRD




Thématique :

Michelle Evans is a post-doctoral researcher based at IRD, working with Andres Garchitorena and Benjamin Roche. She completed her doctoral work at the University of Georgia (USA), where she studied mosquito-borne disease in cities using an integrative approach that combined virology, field-work, qualitative interviews, and statistical modeling. At IRD, she works on infectious diseases in Madagascar, using dynamical and statistical models to understand spatial patterns in malaria. Michelle is interested in developing open-source workflows to support community-based public health initiatives. She enjoys working across multiple disciplines to reveal novel solutions for improving health outcomes. For more information, please see her personal website (http://mvevans89.github.io/).

Expertises :

Ecologie des maladies infectieuses humaine, en particulier les maladies tropicales et celles transmises par les moustiques. système d'information géographique. l'interdisciplinarité avec un accent sur le pluralisme épistémologique.