Vincent robert

Vincent robert


DS : Evolution des Systèmes Vectoriels (ESV)
Equipe(s) :
DEEVA (Diversity, Ecology, Evolution & Adaptation of arthropod vectors)
Grade : DR1

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Implantation :  IRD
Bureau : 129
Appartenance : IRD




Thématique :

Vincent Robert is a specialist in medical entomology and human diseases transmitted by mosquito vectors, with primary interest in malaria and arboviral diseases. He spent 25 years as a resident in various African countries such as Senegal, Burkina, Cameroon and Madagascar in sub-regional health organizations, Institut Pasteur and IRD centres. He belonged to the team that, for the first time, demonstrated the huge entomological impacts of pyrethroid impregnated bednets against anopheline mosquitoes and malaria transmission. He is now WP leader in MediLabSecure, an Euro-Mediterranean network of 22 countries funded by European Union. He published more 250 articles in international peer-reviewed journals and book-chapters, plus two books. Altogether, he has worked in more than 20 countries in three continents.

Expertises :

Compétences: entomologiste médical Expertises: moustiques, arbovirus, paludisme

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